Unusual Animals to See in Africa

Africa is the land where many great and wild animals live. Many people from Africa are used to seeing different kinds of exotic animals that those of us who live in the city only see on TV. Because people are so used to wild animals in Africa, they even adopt some of them as pets. These pets are so rare and unusual that you won’t even consider having them as a pet of your own.

This would require different cleaning means as compared to having dogs or cats at home. A quality vacuum cleaner for pets is enough when you have a dog or a cat but for these pets, you may need more than just the best vacuum for pet hair.

Why is the hyena different from other wild animals? Why is it one of the most dangerous animals in the world? The hyena is very different from other wild animals and is also one of the most dangerous animals in the world. It’s the only animal that dares to chase a lion off from its own prey. Hyenas come from the hyaenidae family which is divided into 4 groups. First is the striped hyena or the Hyaena Hyaena, the laughing spotted hyenas or crocuta crocuta which are found in most African regions, the brown hyena or parahyaena brunnea and the aardwolf Proteles cristatus. The hyenas are still part of the world’s great life cycle as well as the forests, deserts and plains. They clean up all that’s left by other animals from their kill making the environment cleaner.

African Rock Phyton
This is a native in the sub Saharan part of Africa and is one of the seven python species. These snakes are non venomous making it safer for them to be pets but they are also the largest snake found in Africa. It’s called phyton sebae which was derived from the Greek mythology as reference for a huge serpent. Elephants are often in contact with these wild snakes but lions are scared of them. The African Rock Phyton is classified into two sub species. The first one was identified by a German naturalist named Johann Friedrich Gmelin on 1788 and the other one was identified by Sir Andrew Smith, the father of South African Zoology on 1833.

The kudu is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa with its big horns and massive body. They inhabit the Maasai Steppe and are great animals that blend with nature and stealth that conceal their movements along the bushes, thickets and forests. It’s also one of the greatest animals with a high survival rate compared to impalas or gazelles that have speed but are brought down easily by other animals.

This is th most dangerous animal in Africa but is also the most photographed ones by tourists who goes to African Safaris. Hunting comes naturally for these animals and they do not let a prey go that easily. They are full of pride and their roar is enough to give anyone the chills. Despite of them being scary, these lions are also very beautiful creatures that grace us with their wonderful mane and beautiful body structure. They are also loving to their families and you will often see them with their lioness or playing with their cubs. Vacuums for pet cats may be useful but still, it’s not enough when you’re taking care of this large cat.

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