See Live Animals on a Uganda Safari

Uganda has scores of exotic animals in their natural environment and many people come to the country to watch them as they hurt down their prey while others look for survival. It is very adventurous and great to come up close with these wild animals. One can say these animals are also found in the zoo so why does he have to hassle and go to the park to watch them.

All you need to know about these animals that they were born to be wild being held in the cages it is like they are not living their lives to the fullest. In the jungles is where these animals belong, they were made to look and hurt for food not to bring it to them on a silver plate. It is in the jungle where they experience the utmost life and energy.

To see these animals live their lives is by taking a Uganda gorilla safari. This safari involves going to Bwindi impenetrable national park to track the mountain gorillas. These primates are the most sought after animals in Africa due to their uniqueness in the way they lead their lives as their social behavior are almost similar to that of man that is the male gorilla is the head of the family and it can never leave its family alone as the female gorilla pamper the male one and also takes care of the young ones. Many people think that gorillas are wild beast yet in actually sense they are very peaceful and vegetarian animals.

Visiting the mountain gorilla in Bwindi impenetrable national park is a life time experience and very educative as it teaches man that he has close relatives. Many tourists have even come back to Bwindi to experience the gorilla rhythm instantly since this is really an unforgettable experience and one of a kind.

These mountain gorillas are also found in Mgahinga national park in the Virunga region at the border of Rwanda, Uganda and the democratic republic of Congo. This has one habituated family of gorillas to visit.

It is also important to note that there are only 880 mountain gorilla left in the world and these are only found in Uganda, Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of Congo. The mountain gorillas are regarded as endangered species meaning that at any one time are getting extinct.

On a Uganda gorilla safari, there is an option of visiting other primates that is the chimpanzees and the different monkey species. The chimpanzees are apes like humans and have 98.8% of human DNA which makes them man’s closest relatives. These chimpanzees are also a beauty to watch as they also do certain things like man but only these stay on top of the tress canopies.

It should be note that these safaris become enjoyable and safe by hiring a car in uganda that is suitable for the safari as the areas where these gorillas are found are remote and have raged roads. So put that in mind one has to travel by a 4×4 uganda car hire that is a RAV4 which is pocket friendly and comfortable, the land cruiser which is more safe and comfortable, the minibus and coasters vehicle for the many people.

Come to Uganda and see the live animals on Uganda gorilla safari as you travel in a comfortable car.

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