A Uganda Gorilla Safari – a Whole New World

Gorilla Tourism

One may wonder why many people are visiting a landlocked and small country like Uganda. With this changing world that is trying to go green again, Uganda is the greatest specimen of the effort to make a natural environment again. Uganda has a lot of natural diversity that is unhampered and it why a British explorer Winston Churchhill termed it as the pearl of Africa in his book ”my African journey” in 1908.

The ecology of Uganda is a wonder to watch as it has got some unique features and creatures that are not found anywhere in the world. Uganda is a nature gifted country and its biodiversity is designed in a tremendous form. The art in Uganda’s natural eco system is beyond superlatives. This is a land where you find a forest with a wetlands and water bodies, great landscape homing variety of different flora and fauna.

The only way to encounter the serene ecology of Uganda is by taking a Uganda gorilla safari. At the gorilla safari one discovers the new world which he/she instantly falls in love with because of the unique features and creatures one encounters.

Right from the start as you travel to the destination where the gorillas are found one is rewarded with great landscape flaunted with the green cover. The safari becomes more exciting where one reaches the destination for example in Bwindi impenetrable national park where one meets the mountain gorillas up close. It is an exhilarating moment when one makes an eye contact with the mountain gorilla and observes how they live. These huge primates are nice to hang out with as one gets to know and these creatures are almost similar to man in the way they lead their social lives. These gorillas have families where the silver back is the head of the family and everything that is done in the family rotates around it.

At the Uganda gorilla safari one can opt to see some other big mammals like the lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, leopard, hippos to mention but a few. These animals are normally found in Queen Elizabeth national park and Murchison fall national park which are all located in the western part of the country.   A visit to these game parks spices up gorilla safaris in Uganda to make them a complete package for discovering the whole new world.

A self drive in Uganda makes your exploration to the gorilla world more adventurous and interesting. This is one of kind way of discovering the new world. It is incredible to discover the new world on your own

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