Phone Vs. Camera for Travel Photos?

A lot of things have changed! With improved phones that have better cameras, it is common to find travelers moving with phones and ipads instead of cameras, the most known equipment that should not miss in your pack. Almost everyone, especially travelers and tourists, take many photos during their holidays.

Today there are many mobile phones with fairly good photographic capacity that have made taking photographs much easier. You may well ask, do you still need a separate camera? Here are some of the factors that you should consider in order to make a dececision whether you should leave your camera at home.

Quality of Photos

What level of quality do you want in your pictures? Most phone cameras have good enough lenses to take clear pictures. They can zoom in and out at least to some extent. Africa with its vast vistas, wildlife, and unique microcosms may tax your phone’s zooming capacity beyond its limits.

You may want a telephoto lens for long distance shots of a solitary animal, like a rhino, lion, elephant, or leopard. Tim Healy is a master at this. If you think of the large herds of the Serengeti plains, or scenery like the Drakensberg mountains, you may want a wide angle shot. A good bridge camera (one that only has a fixed lens) with great zooming capability could fulfil your needs. Otherwise it may mean you need to carry something more high-end with additional lenses.

Your choice rests on how intensely you are interested in photography. If your point-and shoot snaps are only to serve as a refresher for you memory, all you need is a phone with a good camera.
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