The Moviegoers Guide to Bringing a Baby Along

babytransitHere we are, it’s the weekend, and you want to have a good time alone, but with babies you want to take care of on your own, you are never alone. You decide to go to a movie, and unless you know what to do, you might end packing a ton of stuff like you’re going to go out of town for a few days.

Don’t worry, unless you know what to do and carry then you’ll be alright. It might be a little hard to pull this off in Africa but yet again, knowing what you are facing can give you a bit more advantage in going to the movies with your little one.

First things first, you need to be in the theater early and maybe at least around the pre-show so you won’t end up bumping into other people. Coming in early also makes your life easier in getting out, in case you or your baby needs a little bit of comfort and have to get out for a little bit. Having a travel system stroller will help you here. You’ll have easy transportation for your baby in the car and you can also have a stress-free stroller after the movie. You can check out Britax strollers because they’ve had great reviews.

Always bring a tiny flash light so you can easily get stuff from your bag, gaining access to your stuff during a movie when the lights are turned off can be a bit tricky and can even cause a fuss with other moviegoers. Save yourself the embarrassment and disdainful looks from other people when you’re just trying to get something out of your bag.

Diapers. You can never go wrong in bringing extra diapers in these kinds of situations. You’ll never know when or where you are going to need it. You might end up wasting your $10 to get in just to get out to get some to replace what you already have on your baby when you could’ve brought some right before you came in.

If you have a small or easy-to-fold stroller, then by all means, use that. Not only you’ll save yourself from the hassle of pushing it to your aisle or up a set of stairs, if you have to push yourself into the middle of the row you won’t end up bothering your fellow moviegoers especially if it’s a packed theater that you’ll be going to. That too, try to avoid first week screenings for it can be very crowded. Wait for everyone else to finish seeing the film and then take your turn.

We all know that moviegoers are one of the most easily irritated people in the world. When your phone rings, you’ll hear a lot of shushes around you. A simple whisper can draw unwanted attention towards you and your baby. And most especially, when your baby starts to cry, it can even cause for another viewer to call the manager and have you reprimanded or even worse, have you taken out of the theater. But no need to worry, there are theaters out there that are baby-friendly and can provide a wonderful experience for you and your kids. Just check out your local ads for more info.