Everyone wants to know more about the interesting culture of Africa and its people. There is no better way to learn about another country’s culture than through movies that re-create how Africans live day by day. I created this blog to showcase the different ways that Africa can be a part of our daily lives. The topics that you will see here are going to be connected to the African way of life and their community.

I want the readers to want to be interested in topics that include the African culture. If you have any specific topics that you want to be featured in this blog, you can leave a comment or email us and we will gladly consider it. The topics that we post here are based on my opinion and knowledge about what life in Africa is like. All comments are welcome but please refrain from using any kind of foul language.

Lastly, I want you all to know about the film festival that features film about Africa and the African community as well as the wild life that exists there. Our goal is to make people aware about the primitive lifestyle, practices and rituals of the African people. We also want to showcase the beauty of the African wildlife and the pureness of the continent. We would also like people to know how Africa is way behind almost every country in the world and how it affects the people that live there through the films that we feature.